For Commercial Agents

TicX Members can do what other Commercial Agents can’t!

Sell to Multiple Buyers

Many agents may think they can sell to multiple buyers as of right, but they would likely be acting contrary to law if they did, unless the sale to multiple buyers occurred by default and not deliberately.

Multiple buyers/investors have always been able purchase as tenants in common, however there are legal ramifications for anyone who promotes a property to multiple buyers/investors!

To be legally able to market a property to multiple investors, you will need to join ticX. TicX provides the legal pathway and an important point of difference for any real estate agent.

Build a more Resilient Commercial Agency

Property Syndicates

Let’s face it. You’ve always wanted to ‘syndicate’ some of your quality high-performing commercial properties, right? But how can you do this legally?

Up until the advent of ticX, unless your Vendor established a costly unit trust structure and had an ASIC registered product disclosure statement (PDS), and you (the agent) held a securities dealers licence, you would most likely be breaking the law.

To be able to deliberately and on-purpose offer a property to multiple buyers, you can now do so as a member of the ticX platform and be certain that it’s legally safe!

Only ticX Members are able to offer property for shared ownership.

TicX Listed, where every property is available for shared or sole ownership. Whichever occurs first.

Want to be more involved?

Offer to ticX Members to be a part owner of TICX Pty Ltd

A limited number of ordinary shares have been made available specifically for allocation to TICX Members. This offer requires a minimum investment by the TICX Member of five thousand dollars ($5,000) in return for ordinary shares in TICX Pty Ltd.  

Note: Any implied investment offer herein is an excluded offer pursuant to Section 708 (8) & (11) of the Corporations Act 2001.

TicX Member Shareholders

Members that become shareholders of TICX Pty Ltd are able to contribute their ideas and suggestions to help further development and growth of the Company.

Website upgrades & improvements

The current ticX website works well and is legally compliant. However, funds raised will initially go towards improving the user interface of the ticX website and enhancing the website’s functionality. Other funds will be used for marketing to expand the ticX Member network.

International expansion

TicX is the world’s first and only web-based trading exchange dedicated to the sale, purchase, and exchange of tenant in common shares in real estate. The ticX model can legally operate in a number of jurisdictions including, but not limited to, Australia, NZ, UK, Canada and the USA.

Potential Dividends and Investor Returns

In the interests of shareholders, the Directors will adopt a holistic approach when developing new growth strategies. These plans may include, raising further capital through an investment offer document, a trade sale, partnership, joint venture or a public listing of the Company.

Commercial Shared Ownership

Shared ownership of real estate is a progressive survival pathway for the real estate industry. It will ensure that as agents we exploit the full potential of a changing buyer demographic. Promoting shared ownership as a buyer alternative will prove to be a new age business model integral to future agency success and long-term sustainability.