Small-scale Commercial
Property Syndication

The Tenant in Common Exchange (TicX) delivers a new asset class and a new foundation for building wealth. TicX membership presents exciting opportunities for commercial property professionals and their clients.

For Commercial Agents

Being able to legally market any property to multiple buyers is an important point of difference for a commercial real estate agent.

TicX changes the real estate investment landscape and gives agents more listings, more sales, extra commission on resales of tenant in common (TIC) shares and more properties under management. There are other benefits and opportunities the astute agent will recognise.

To post property listings on the ticX and to trade TIC shares, you must hold a Membership Seat.

A Trading Exchange for Shares in Property

For Astute Investors

Investing in a tenant in common (TIC) share of an income producing commercial property is the affordable way to get on the property ladder.

Ideal for self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs). Small-scale syndicates of like-minded investors. Buyer’s clubs, where friends and colleagues club together to buy a property.

The ideal passive investment that gives you monthly rental income and long-term capital growth. To buy a TIC share in a commercial property, you will need to be a ticX Subscriber.

TicX is for owners, buyers, and sellers of tenant in common shares in any real estate anywhere.

Direct Ownership – V – Unit Trusts

Properties listed on the ticX are not Unit Trusts where investors only hold units in a Unit Trust and the Trustee owns the property! With ticX, each investor holds direct ownership of their share in the property registered on title. Each owner’s share is an asset that can be willed (bequeathed), sold or mortgaged separately.

TicX delivers direct shared ownership in the property as a tenant-in-common registered on title. TicX is unique in delivering shared ownership recorded legally on title in the buyer’s name.

TicX is a Trading Exchange

TicX is not involved in any property transactions and does not take a share of any sales commission. As the ASX is for trading shares in companies, so ticX is for trading shares in real estate. TicX, like any other trading exchange, has both a Primary & Secondary Market.

Should a TIC co-owner wish to sell their TIC share, they simply notify their ticX agent who will list the share for sale on the ticXchange where buyers can make bids and/or receive bid alerts.

Do you have a commercial property that returns 4% (net) or more?

List with your local ticX agent for more ways to get your property SOLD!

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Strip retail

The strip shopping centers and corner shops have suffered due to the pandemic and the increase in online shopping. However, if you can locate a successful retailer who can attract customers in large volumes, these properties, if purchased for the right price, can still provide excellent upside for investors. 

The affordable way to build a property portfolio!

TicX member agents are able to offer investors an affordable passive real estate investment returning higher than average income paid monthly, plus long-term capital growth.